The New York Community Trust Unveils New Visual Identity for Centennial Celebration

The New York Community Trust, the largest community foundation in New York, has launched a new visual identity to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The brand refresh honors a century of connecting New Yorkers with impactful nonprofits—supporting LGBTQ+, the arts, social justice, people with disabilities, and many more—bridging its pioneering past to a promising future, “For New York. Forever.”

Deroy Peraza and Julia Zeltser of Hyperakt, a New York-based studio renowned for merging strategy and design to elevate nonprofits’ missions, spearheaded the brand project. The refreshed identity includes a new logo and brand aesthetic, featuring linear elements representing The Trust’s unwavering commitment to linking the past, present, and future. Hyperakt aimed to align the new visual identity with the foundation’s mission to foster enduring and innovative philanthropy.

This throughline is a visual cue of the brand’s continuity, resilience, and impact. An ever-present, continuous line organically adapting to its environment symbolizes The Trust’s enduring commitment to the region and its people. This visual element is a reminder that The Trust is dedicated to shaping a better future for New Yorkers.

“We are thrilled to share this refreshed brand look that infuses new energy into the organization and reintroduces The Trust to the next generation of generous donors,” said Amy Freitag, president of The New York Community Trust. “This new identity aims to reflect our inclusive and innovative approach to democratizing philanthropy, bringing us closer to donors from a wide array of cultural backgrounds who see themselves as agents of change. Looking ahead, The Trust will continue to do what we have always done: create opportunities for New Yorkers to build stronger, more inclusive communities today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Since its founding in 1924, The New York Community Trust has been a leader in addressing critical issues such as environmental justice, economic inequality, education and healthcare reform, equitable access to the arts, and LGBTQ+ rights. Notably, in the 1930s, The Trust established the first-ever donor-advised fund, revolutionizing philanthropic giving. Through its strategic grantmaking, The Trust has catalyzed significant projects across the region.

“At its core, the design process is meant to bring to the fore what makes The Trust a quintessentially New York institution,” said Deroy Peraza, partner and creative and marketing director at Hyperakt. “We are honored to be part of the reimagining of this storied organization, leveraging the power of design to tell a richer story of the brand’s DNA.”

The refreshed brand rollout includes a complete overhaul of The Trust’s digital presence and a wide-reaching campaign featuring print and digital displays across the region. Celebrating 100 years of impact, The New York Community Trust looks forward to continuing its mission of improving life for New Yorkers for the next century and beyond with a fresh new look to help take them there.

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