Celebrating Excellence and Innovation: Announcing the Winners of the 2024 PRINT Awards

For forty years, the PRINT Awards have taken the pulse of the design industry. A global competition since 2020, the winning entries in the 2024 PRINT Awards reflect—and celebrate—a range of visual design trends, such as a blend of technological advancements, creative explorations in type, texture, and color, and user-centric approaches in both print and digital—an exciting year for us all!

New categories in this year’s awards program acknowledge the dynamic nature of design and the myriad ways designers integrate with their clients, the brands they represent, and their customers’ experiences. We separated Brand Identities from Brand Campaigns. Packaging Design took a leading role. Our Brand Collaborations category considered campaigns that join brands with other brands, artists, and organizations to expand access to diverse audiences, push industry boundaries, and address social issues.

The award-winning work embodied aesthetic trends such as mixing various weights and fonts.

Left to Right: Hey Barista Magazine | Oatly; Nuit Blanche Tapei | Left Brain; Upside | Erica Holman Design

In Packaging Design and Illustration and Posters, our jury tagged a trend towards 70s nostalgia and vintage minimalism.

Left to Right: Golden Hour | Golden Hour Wellness; Joystick Jazz | HandMade Monsters; Minnesota Twins History Poster | DLR Group

Type Design—always a resource for cutting-edge creativity—included work ranging from bubble type combined with texture to a dynamic font creation process using AI and machine learning techniques.

Left to Right: Life Less Scary | Dunn&Co; Handy Type | Rozi Zhu

The Data Visualization and Motion Design categories also included exciting examples of retro and progressive creativity. Entries included engaging stop-motion graphics and innovative and visually appealing data visualizations and infographics. Honoring both old and new, entries in these categories found ways to present complex data and concepts in easily digestible and truly beautiful formats. Entries in IX/UX Design also made a breadth of information accessible using multi-sensory prompts such as music and street sounds. Printed work, too, tapped into user experience, highlighting the importance of haptics and form to create memorable brand engagements.

Clockwise: City Pulse 2023 | Gensler Research Institute; Origins | The Office of Ordinary Things for D&K Printing; Sappi Holiday Kit | VSA Partners for Sappi North America

We hope you’re as excited as we are with this year’s family of PRINT Awards winners! Below, you can see the winning designers’ names, project descriptions, and imagery of their work from the Monadnock Award, Citizen Design, Professional Best of Show, Student Best of Show, Editors’ Choice, and Agency of the Year.

Over the next few days, we’ll share project descriptions in every category so you can enjoy the full range of creativity, innovation, and joy of this year’s awards.

Monadnock Award

Recipes for Impact
Mark Kaminski, Alina Kosmala – Compass Group

“Recipes for Impact,” is a collaborative project between BLK & BOLD and Canteen, designed by Mark Kaminski at Compass Group. This exceptional book not only showcases artistic and functional excellence in design but also demonstrates profound community impact.

“Recipes for Impact” is more than just a coffee and tea recipe book; it is a testament to the power of thoughtful, community-focused brand initiatives. Crafted with Monadnock’s premium, sustainable paper, each page of this book reflects a shared commitment to environmental responsibility. BLK & BOLD’s initiative, ‘5% For Our Youth,’ which directs proceeds to support children in need, aligns seamlessly with Monadnock’s ethos of making a positive impact through every aspect of their work.

The design team, led by the talented Mark Kaminski and Alina Kosmala, utilized Monadnock’s Astrolite paper to bring their vibrant, barista-tested recipes to life. This choice not only enhanced the visual appeal but also ensured that every aspect of this project was executed with environmental integrity.

Additional credits:
Alina Kosmala; Printer, Walsworth

Citizen Design Award

Read Queer Books
Leila Taylor- Brooklyn Public Library

During Pride, Brooklyn Public Library celebrated the history of LGBTQIA+ communities, reflecting back at the progress that’s been made and looking forward to the future. This year, as a response to the increasing violence, oppression, and discriminatory legislation targeting queer communities, Brooklyn Public Library commissioned a unique piece of art that evoked liberation, resistance, and rebellion. As books centering queer characters and experiences have been regularly targeted in book banning campaigns, the design team focused their messaging on reading, urging people to challenge the erasure and suppression of LGBTQIA+ voices and to Read Queer Books.

Additional credits:
Illustration, Isip Xin; Copywriter, Lauren Rochford; Production Manager, Jack Cavicchi; Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Jenn Proffitt

Professional Best of Show Award

BYMAKBAS Seasonal Stationery
MAKBAS Print Studio

“The Ramadan Series” is a special collection designed to celebrate the Ramadan season, which is marked by fasting, worship, and community gatherings. The series includes:

“Ramadan Sparkle” Cards: Hot foil stamped cards to add a festive sparkle; “Rays of Ramadhan” Cards: Blind embossed cards for making a bold statement; “Ramadhan Scene” Cards: Modern architectural line art with neon screen printing, reminiscent of fluorescent lights guiding people home.

For a spiritual touch, the collection includes: “Written in the Stars” Envelopes: Featuring matte gold and silver foil to depict a night scene of shooting stars; “The Hijri Set”: Embossed patterns with gold foil, marking the Islamic calendar’s start through migration.

Additionally, the series encourages gratitude with: “COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS” Journal: A compact gratitude journal inspired by the tradition of counting sheep to foster calm before sleep.

Lastly, to embrace the season’s tranquility: “No Pressure” Notebooks: Five separate notebooks in one, promoting freedom and creativity without the pressure of to-do lists.

The collection concludes with: “Over the moon” Envelopes: Designed for Eid, these envelopes symbolize the joy of children receiving money, featuring night skies and city lights with fluorescent screen printing, extending the “Ramadhan Scene” theme to Eid celebrations.

Student Best of Show

Damaged Goods
Doyeon Kim – School of Visual Arts

Damaged Goods is a contemporary newspaper about film photography. ‘Damaged goods’ are products that are broken, cracked, scratched, and no longer desirable. But in this newspaper, it’s quite the opposite. In film photography, damaged and ruined film and its unexpected moments are aesthetic as they are. Every page in the newspaper is somehow damaged and exposed to light, however visually pleasing. The names of the journalists are also placed irregularly to convey the moments of unexpectedness that the film camera has. Doyeon focused on the art direction of this newspaper– photo selection, color and type choices, and even the photo direction.

Editors’ Choice

Studio Museum in Harlem | Website Redesign
Base Design

Founded in 1968, the Studio Museum in Harlem is dedicated to artists of African descent, serving as a studio for emerging artists and a museum with a curated collection of underrepresented artists. Rooted in Harlem’s cultural legacy, it is a hub for dynamic conversations and exchanges about art and society.

As the museum prepared to move and adopt a more formal posture, it sought a website redesign to enhance accessibility and reflect its vibrant, communal spirit. BaseNYC was tasked with creating an engaging online platform that mirrors the museum’s dynamic energy.

Inspired by Harlem’s brownstone stoops, the redesigned website emulates a dynamic meeting place filled with sounds and voices, reflecting the museum’s lively atmosphere. The focus shifts from artworks to the artists, featuring video and audio clips as peripheral “chatter” to capture the animated essence of the Studio Museum.

Additional credits:
Mirek Nisenbaum, Min Lew, Andrey Starkov, Harry Laverty, Ross Gendels, Marc Hill, Masha Basyrova, Vivian Valentin, Artem Lyustik, Sergei Khegai, Volha Trehubava, Jerry Johnston, Ji Park

Agency of the Year

John Kudos – KASA Collective

KASA Collective is an international design agency that creates interactive experiences for public, corporate, and cultural spaces. Their multimedia installations use storytelling, design, and technology to engage audiences. KASA Collective is a collaboration between two award-winning agencies, KUDOS Design Collaboratory and Conduit, who have worked together on complex projects for over 20 years. The agencies have expertise in 2D, 3D, and 4D design.

This year, KASA Collective won first place honors in Environmental Design for Black Power to Black People Exhibition and second place in that same category for the exhibition Made in Japan. John Kudos, through KUDOS Design Collaboratory also took home second place in Self-Promotions for his beautiful 2024 ONE LOVE Calendar.

Additional credits:
Art Director, Ashley Wu; Designer, Fay Qiu; Project Manager, Amanda Knott; 3D Renderer, Imam Fadillah; Design Intern, Saskia Wulandiarti; Photography, Samuel Sachs Morgan

Professional Honorees


First PlaceGeorgetown Optician – Adventures in A-Eye | Pum Lefebure | Design Army
Second Place—BMW Motorrad – Storied: 100 years of BMW Motorcycling | Justin Page | The Simple Machine

Annual Reports

First Place—SPH This Year 2023 | Susan Prentiss | Boston University, Creative Services
Second Place—Smithsonian Annual Report 2022 | Jason Mannix | Polygraph
Third Place—The Future is Nuclear, Bruce Power Annual Review and Energy Report | Erin Grandmaison | Bruce Power


First Place—Opinions | Robin Bilardello | Harper
Second Place—Evil Eye | Milan Bozic | Harper
Third Place—Feminist Designer: On the Personal and the Political in Design | Alison Place | University of Arkansas

Books—Entire Package

First Place—Milton Glaser, POP | Mirko Ilic | Mirko Ilic Corp.
Second Place—Type Something For Me | Joyce Shi | G Axis Press
Third Place—Alucinação | Felipe Goes | Felipe Goes Designer


First Place—SXSW 2024: Global Reframing | Luigi Maldonado | Guerilla Suit
Second Place—East Side Pies | Michael Tabie | Guerilla Suit
Third Place—Central Market Passport Portugal | Dana Nixon | *TraceElement


First Place—2023 Nuit Blanche Taipei – Time to Rise Up | Shih-Yu Cheng | Left Brain
Second Place—2023 Romantic Route 3 – Falabidbog | Shih-Yu Cheng | Left Brain
Third Place—Confronting Design | One Design Company

Branding—Identities & Identity Systems

First Place—The National Museum in Krakow | Emilka Bojańczyk & Zuzanna Charkiewicz | Podpunkt Studio
Second Place—Portuguese Government | Studio Eduardo Aires

Brochures & Catalogs

First Place—Naked Trails | Kyle Poff | Leo Burnett Chicago
Second Place—MCA NOW | Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Creative Studio
Third Place—l.a.Eyeworks Booklet | Becca Lofchie Studio

Citizen Design Award

First Place—Read Queer Books | Leila Taylor | Brooklyn Public Library
Second Place—2023 Manatee Pride Festival – Joining Together to Celebrate Our Community | Craig Byers | Studio Craig Byers
Third Place—The “Q Deck”- LGBTQ+ Educational Cards | Kelly Holohan | Holohan Design

Concept Work

First Place—Orb Time Font (OTF) | Raven Mo          
Second Place—Hand copying meditation | Miki Kawamura 
Third Place—Afar: Cultural Cards | Andy Vera Design

Data Visualization & Information Design

First Place—City Pulse 2023: The Future of Central Business Districts | Minjung Lee | Gensler Research Institute
Second Place—203 X Infographics | Sung Hwan Jang | Infographics Lab 203
Third Place—Global Workplace Survey Comparison 2023 | Minjung Lee | Gensler Research Institute

Design for Social Impact

First Place—Foundry Field | Clinton Carlson Design | University of Notre Dame
Second Place—One Small Step, Integrated Campaign | I/D.W Studio
Third Place—Curt Bloch and his Onderwater-Cabaret | Thilo von Debschitz | Q


First Place—The North Face – 50 Years of Parkas Zine | Justin Colt | The Collected Works
Second Place—Hey Barista magazine | Chloe Scheffe & Natalie Shields | Oatly
Third Place—HUE, The Magazine of FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology: Fall 2023 | Alexander Isley | Alexander Isley Inc.

Environmental Design

First Place—Black Power to Black People Exhibition | John Kudos | KASA Collective
Second Place—Made in Japan Exhibition | John Kudos | KASA Collective
Third Place—Art Deco: Commercializing the Avant-Garde | Ola Baldych | Poster House

Handlettering & Type Design

First Place—Handy Type | Rozi Zhu   
Second Place—Life Less Scary – Alphabet | Mitchell Goodrich | Dunn&Co.
Third Place—The Typography of a Genius Industry | Gaetano Grizzanti | Univisual


First Place—Metropolitan Transportation Authority Courtesy Campaign | Ricky Sethiadi | MTA Marketing
Second Place—Joystick Jazz | Mark Borgions | HandMade Monsters
Third Place—Simple Mills Illustrations | Ellie Schwartz | Design B&B


First Place—BYMAKBAS Seasonal Stationery | MAKBAS Print Studio
Second Place—Lunatix NFT Collection | Ben Morris Sketch | Unilever
Third Place—Cannes 2023 | Luisa Baeta | Axios

Invitations & Announcements

First Place—Marwen Invitations | Brian Berk | Leo Burnett Chicago
Second Place—Monroe Community College Foundation Gold Star Gala Invitations | Jewel Mastrodonato | Dixon Schwabl + Company
Third Place—American Heart Association Gala Invitation Suite | Hana Snell | Caliber Creative

IX/UX Design

First Place—Studio Museum in Harlem Website Redesign | Base Design
Second Place—theo Transformation Advisory Website | Hana Snell | Caliber Creative
Third Place—Fearless Website | Rony Dixon | Texas Tech University


First Place—Turks Head | CF Napa Brand Design
Second Place—Benny’s Bike Shop | Sam Allan | Onfire. Design
Third Place—Kinetic Identity | One Design Company

Motion Graphics & Video

First Place—Santé: Designed by Patrick Norguet | Molly Skonieczny | Tolleson
Second Place—Doris Duke Foundation: When Artists Thrive, We All Thrive | Bryce Bizer | None Other
Third Place—Dieline Awards 2024 | Justin Colt | The Collected Works

Outdoor & Billboards

First Place—Life Less Scary | Stephanie Morrison | Dunn&Co.
Second Place—I Am Toronto Pearson | Joshua Duchesne | Made by Emblem
Third Place—Dream Streetcar | Matt Wegerer | Whiskey Design


First Place—Lou Reed / Words & Music / May 1965 – Special Edition | Masaki Koike | Phyx Design
Second Place—Golden Hour | Miles McKirdy | Golden Hour Wellness
Third Place—The Grappler | CF Napa Brand Design


First Place—HP OMEN – Choose Fun | Ethan Scott | Designory


First Place—Upside | Erica Holeman | Erica Holeman Design
Second Place—Minnesota Twins History Poster | Jovaney Hollingsworth | DLR Group
Third Place—Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City Monarchs) | Jovaney Hollingsworth | DLR Group


First Place—Origins | The Office of Ordinary Things for D&K Printing
Second Place—2024 ONE LOVE Calendar | John Kudos | KUDOS Design Collaboratory
Third Place—2023 Sappi Holiday Kit | VSA Partners for Sappi North America

Student Honorees


First Place—Literary Mixtape | NaRe Hong | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Stuf by Oreo | Elyza Nachimson | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Verizon | Hongjin Li | School of Visual Arts

Annual Reports

First Place—Victims First Annual Report | Aurora Schaefer | University of North Texas


First Place—Zubaan | Ariana Gupta | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Speaking in Tongues | Yoon Seo Kim | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Artist Book | Jiawen Zhang | School of Visual Arts

Books—Entire Package

First Place—Bento of Memories | Shiyao Wu
Second Place—Dos Palmares | Maί­ra dos Palmares Santana
Third Place—Six-Legged Book | Seo Jin Lee | School of Visual Arts

Branding—Identities & Identity Systems

First Place—Museum of the Moving Image | Mina Son | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—POT.ION | Mina Son | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Found Sound Music Festival | Don Park | School of Visual Arts

Brochures & Catalogs

First Place—FORM | Fiona Tran | Drexel University

Citizen Design Award

First Place—Lampião da Esquina | Pedro Melo | Federal University of Rio De Janeiro

Data Visualization & Information Design

First Place—Street Gum Dots Marching Symphony | Jae Young Kim | Pratt Institute
Second Place—Fashion, Beauty and Post-Colonial Perceptions | Joumana Ibrahim | Savannah College of Art and Design
Third Place—Me, My Languages, and I | Joumana Ibrahim | Savannah College of Art and Design

Design for Social Impact

First Place—Elephant in the room | Eason Yang
Second Place—Phantom Limbs: Design Interventions and Site-specific Storytelling | Veronica Tsai | Art Center College of Design
Third Place—Ace Week | Nicole Tocco | Savannah College of Art and Design


First Place—Damaged Goods | Doyeon Kim | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Experiments in Type Zine | Yerin Lee | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Gestalt Tattoo | Jung Youn Kim

Environmental Design

First Place—Bike Lane Parking Preventer | Yoon Seo Kim | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Elephant in the room | Eason Yang  
Third Place—Fidelis: A Study in Fraktur Calligraphy | Conner Gayda | Jacksonville State University

Handlettering & Type Design

First Place—Up In The Air Gonggi Typography | Jae Young Kim | Pratt Institute
Second Place—Amunet Type | Xinyu Liu | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Bird Words| Jada Merritt | California Institute of the Arts


First Place—Stilts, Bears & Skeletons | Heike Scharrer | Cambridge School of Arts
Second Place—Xiaoyun Tian | Xiaoyun Tian | Cambridge School of Arts
Third Place—Gulf Horizons Illustrations | Jazmine Garcia | University of North Texas

IX/UX Design

First Place—Deafinite | Jingxin Xu | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Sproute App Prototype | Zach Hall | University of North Texas
Third Place—Trash Panda App Prototype | Macy McClish | University of North Texas


First Place—Architectural Digest | Mishen Liu | Art Center College of Design
Second Place—Tiger Ale | Emily Brown | The University of Texas Arlington

Motion Graphics & Video

First Place—Mirage | Jeffrey Xiyang Su, Hanson Ma, Michael Wang | Art Center College of Design
Second Place—Happy Little Birthday | Juni Kweon | Art Center College of Design
Third Place—Rapp Snitch Knishes | Audrey Whang | School of Visual Arts

Outdoor & Billboards

First Place—Spy | Ting Jui Chang | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Go Skateboarding Day | Hyowon Kwon | School of Visual Arts
Third Place—Elevating Everyday Sounds | Chuanyuan Lin | School of Visual Arts


First Place—Horsepower Cold Brew Coffee | Vasavi Bubna | School of Visual Arts
Second Place—Dark Energy | Eshaan Sojatia | Rochester Institute of Technology
Third Place—Never Will | Rabiya Gupta | School of Visual Arts


First Place—The Dream | Emily Brown | University of Texas at Arlington


First Place—Alzheimer’s Poster | Emily Brown | University of Texas at Arlington
Second Place—Barely Hanging On | Sean Howes | University of North Texas
Third Place—Synesthesia | Jia Li | School of Visual Arts

NEXT: We spotlight winners in Advertising, Branding Campaigns, Collaboration and Identities, Editorial, In-House, Photography, and Self-Promotions.

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