In the culinary world, blending tradition with today’s tools and techniques is an art form. Imperia, the maestro of pasta machines since 1932, has a beloved heritage but craved a dash of spice. Inspired by the brand idea “il genio di forma e sostanza,” meaning “the genius of shapes and materials,” Imperia’s rebrand marries Italy’s culinary tradition with modern creativity.

Crafted by Landor Milano, the brand transformation has turned Imperia’s emblem into a pasta-rolling marvel, churning out impeccable fettuccine and tagliatelle ribbons. This pasta renaissance blends the essence of Italy’s rich history with vibrant, disruptive cues, appealing to both pasta traditionalists and culinary renegades.

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For Alessio Galdi, Design Director at Landor Milano, reimagining Imperia’s identity was both a homage to its storied past and a leap into its future. “Imperia is a brand rooted in the history of our country,” Galdi reflects. Navigating this dual mandate was no small feat: the rebrand needed to resonate with the heritage of a 90-year-old company while also appealing to a global, contemporary audience.

To achieve this, the team delved into Imperia’s historical archives, unearthing elements like the oblong background shape from the 1960s. Once adorned with 3D drop shadows, this vintage motif has been reinterpreted into a sleek, modern form. Now, this crisp shape is the centerpiece of the identity, dynamically “rolling over” to reveal the wordmark, embodying the essence of pasta-making in motion.

Typography plays a starring role in the new identity, with a nod to advertising styles from the 1940s onwards. Landor Milano introduced a pasta-inspired custom typeface, Sfoglia Grotesk, tailored specifically for this project. Inspired by ‘Sfoglie’ pasta sheets, the font features unique ligatures and character details that echo the finesse of freshly rolled pasta. Senior Designer Gianluca Ciancaglini highlights the artistry in the typeface: “The plump teardrop detail of the ‘r,’ the sharp ink traps, and the soft terminals all bring a distinct, ownable flavor to the brand’s typography.”

Color, too, plays a pivotal role. The revamped color palette is vibrant and inviting, drawing parallels to a plate of lasagna as rich as Nonna’s ragu. Landor’s approach goes beyond static visuals; they crafted animated 3D sculptures inspired by Bruno Munari’s ‘Useless Machines.’ These whimsical creations, paired with a 2D motion system by Motion Design Director Salvatore Illeggittimo, add depth and dynamism to the brand, making it as playful as it is profound.

“Munari said that any cookery book is a book of design methodology,” notes Galdi. This philosophy underpins the entire rebrand, positioning the kitchen as a crucible of creativity and experimentation. The animations depict silky pasta ribbons and dough being expertly pressed and rolled, encapsulating the artistry of pasta-making and the brand’s innovative spirit. A visual system that dances like pasta in boiling water infuses a motion soul, turning machines into culinary maestros.

Adriana Testaverde, Client Manager at Landor Milano, sums up the transformation: “The redefined identity of Imperia marks the dawn of a dynamic era for the brand, particularly in its pursuit of creativity and experimentation.” By targeting younger demographics, Imperia is shedding its nostalgic image and inviting a new generation to explore the joys of pasta-making.

This rebrand is more than a visual overhaul; it’s a strategic pivot that blends form and substance. Imperia is reshaping the pasta-making experience for the global market with a generous helping of Italian spirit. The refreshed brand values what people love most: pasta your way, with a uniquely Italian twist. In doing so, Imperia rolls out a new chapter in its illustrious history.

Imagery by Landor.

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